minaakshi leaKalu

Ďear krishNa yaamini!

This smart phone !..presented by

Him! It brought back my interest in writing a letter to you.  But of course, I started in telugu, forgot completely how to operate it and that too using it with the help of  smart phone became baffling.  Anyway, nice meeting you after a long time.  It must be the same with you. Recently I have gone to Bhadrachalam to meet our old friends. Then I felt like changing my himkusumaalu_7.  Therefore meet you there soon. Meanwhile, let me get acquainted with this baffling instrument.



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4 responses to “minaakshi leaKalu

  1. aswinisri

    @kastephaleagaru! Yes it’s a pretty long time! But a nice meeting again you see !


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